artsilver artisan handcrafted jewelry
artsilver artisan handcrafted jewelry
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Our Story

Artsilver jewelry is unique handmade stunning multiform jewelry, this type of jewelry is simply not available in the fashion jewelry stores and can only be acquired from this website or at one of the selected shows attended by Shandor Madjar.
We only use the finest Sterling Silver and semi-precious stones hand made by an artisan jeweler and all our work comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Artsilver A Unique Collection Of Handmade Jewelry

Hello, My name is Shandor Edward Madjar of Artsilver and Madjar Jewelry Designs. I am an award winning and skilled jewelry artist who works with Solid Sterling Silver 925, 14K & 18K Gold, White Bronze, Brass and a variety of semi-precious birth stones and pearls.

As a young boy, I was always taking things apart. Transformer toys and Lego littered my bedroom floor. My parents are accomplished hair stylists, but especially my father possessed many artistic talents.

Creative welding, blacksmithing, and unique building projects contributed greatly to my creative development. With an early appreciation for things of beauty, art and design, I was inspired at an early age to fabricate things in metal, learning how to solder and weld at an early age.

By age 17, I began a 6 year apprenticeship with a local jewelry designer, learning techniques such as wax sculpting, lost wax casting, and electro-forming. Utilizing my developed knowledge and skills from my metal smithing apprenticeship, I started my own small business in 1999.

In 2002, I took my jewelry design and mechanical abilities to a new level by inventing the 'Multi-Form Ring'. These mechanical hinged rings can be flipped forward and backward to appear as two different styles. Semi-precious gemstones, pearls and filigree decorations were added to my designs. I mostly works with Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Garnet, Onyx, Peridot, Turquoise and white-, black-, peacock pearls and mabe pearls in white and blue.

Artsilver's concepts and designs continues to evolve and employs unique closures, spinning components, hinged clasps, and other interchangeable jewelry concepts.

My original kinetic spellbinding creations are widely popular at art fares across the country and around the world. Two new creations are the Pendant-Rings (pendants which transform into rings), and Arthritis Rings (rings which open easily via magnetic closures to bypass enlarged knuckles).

I am living and working from my studio / home in Colorado. All my uniquely original jewelry pieces are Wearable Art, and are designed for the individual who wants jewelry of beauty and practicality, like nothing else in the world.

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