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artsilver artisan handcrafted jewelry

Artsilver Motion Spinning Rings Collections

Looking for a spinning ring? A worry ring, prayer ring, or meditation ring may help with anxiety and stress.

Researches say that playing with a motion or spinning ring can calm the mind and reduce tension levels. This spinning ring concept has been around since millennia and the positive effect on anxiety and stress levels was acknowledged by ancient generations.

The spinning ring is a new jewelry concept that's been seen on the wrists of many celebrities. When you wear the spinning ring, you can rotate the ring's band around your finger. This serves as a physical stress reliever and a symbol of peace.

It's been proven that the constant movement of certain objects (such as a spinning ring) can reduce stress. The spinning ring offers a way to release anxious thoughts and calm your mind without needing to do anything. The feeling of the spinning ring against your finger is what has the relaxing effect.

These silver spinning rings are made of high-quality sterling silver and Gold. A turning or spinning ring is designed to be worn on the thumb. The spinning motion induces a calming effect on the body and mind.

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Motion or spinning rings are also referred as; Worry Ring, Turn Ring, Prayer Ring, Meditation Ring and Stress Ring, Anxiety Ring, .

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