artsilver artisan handcrafted jewelry
artsilver artisan handcrafted jewelry
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You will be held captive when you eye this sterling silver arthritis top-opening ring. Four semi-precious gems are cradled (bezel set) in a square silver base. This lively ring has a raised cluster of semi-precious stones.

Press the side and the bottom of the ring in a pinching manner and the magnetic locking system releases to open the ring easily. Yes jewelry can brighten your day and make you feel good again and not spin around the knuckle anymore

Production & Delivery Timeframe

Getting and Receiving your order as soon as possible is very important to us. But Please note that all items are Handmade and “Made to Order” taking longer to ship out. This mean that our Stock is limited and we will need to make all orders before they are shipped. Please allow 4-6weeks (30-45 days) to complete order. Depending on the difficulty and Semi-Precious Stone availability, Items may take longer.

Domestic US shipping is $10 via Priority Mail with Tracking. International Priority shipping charges may vary $25-$50. Depending on the country the Customer may need to pay Duty fees to accept the package. ArtSilver may contact you if needed. In-Stock Items and Completed orders may take 2-7 business days to receive from the time that they are shipped. We will notify the customer if there is Stock on an Item or if it needs to be made and will contact you upon completion order.

If you require something quicker please Contact Us

Lifetime Guarantee

 All my work has a full lifetime warranty for production defects. If the customer is not happy with something about my work I will honor the Exchange Policy or Merchandise Credit.

What Material do I use?

Mainly I use  Sterling Silver. The precious metal Sterling Silver is made up of two elements  Copper and  Fine Silver.

Fine Silver contains  99.9% silver while Sterling Silver only contains 92.5 % silver. The other 7.5% is a copper alloy. An “Alloy is something that is added to a Precious Metal like Gold to make the Metal stronger and more durable for everyday use. An Alloy also decreases the purity of the Precious Metal but in return, it will last through everyday “wear and tear” .

Most of my casting (98%) is done “In House production” by me personal. The 2% that is not made by me are components, for example, Earring Posts, Omega Back Findings, Lever Backs, and Cuff Link Findings.

I actually add more Fine Silver into my mix 94%-95% and 5-6% of “Sterilium Alloy” (from United Precious Metals). This Alloy produces a bright silver that holds Tarnish-free for 2 yrs. According to the Guarantee of the alloy.

All my Sterling Silver is nickel-free.

How do I choose the right Ring size?

First, you can use my online ring sizer (ring-sizer PDF) click here

This is a printable universal sizer. After printing, cut it out of the paper and follow the directions.

The sizer works “ok” but it's not like trying on a real gold ring. Of course, everyone’s preference for ring style is unique, depending on body shape, preferred fit, and the style of the ring. Some styles are just too big or too petite for the customer.

Please keep in mind that thinner bands will fit looser than wider thicker bands. Most Artsilver designs are wider thicker bands so they will fit snug.

For example, the Multiform rings are two separate rings joined with hinges so this will take up more surface area on the finger hence a snugger fit.

In this case depending on if you like your rings to fit snug, it might be best to order 1/4 or 1/2 size larger. If I don’t have the correct size for you, custom sizes orders are welcome. If you're still not sure about your ring size best to go to your local jewelry store and get them to size your finger.

They will have are a few ways and rings that may even match my style of thicker band for you to try on.

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